Facilitation/Mediation/Strategic Planning

Maro Zagoras

Trainings: Maro tailors every training specific to what you need and what you need only. For your information, here are some trainings and general outcomes from which to select your training outcomes.

Systemsbuilding: What it is and how to do it
Understand what systemsbuilding is and how it is being used in statewide initiatives
Review a continuum of systemsbuilding for your collaborative and decide upon what level you want to operate
Utilize matrixbuilding to map your system's infrastructure and capacity
Experience techniques to uncover system breakdowns

Collaboration: Successful Collaborations Every Time
Utilize checklist to see what your collaborative does and does not have in place to be successful
Understand conflict preventions to handle issues in your collaborative or systemsbuilding coalition
Learn interventions to correct any challenges your current collaborative is experiencing

Transition Management
Understand the stages of transition
Identify where your organization is in transition and how to manage based on that stage
Clarify next steps for managing your specific organizational change

Civic Engagement and Getting Nontraditional Stakeholders To The Table
Learn about the importance of non traditional stakeholders in planning
Utilize a matrix designed to identify needed stakeholders and learn how to recruit them
Discover ways to change your meetings to keep non traditional groups at the table and maximize their input 

Making Your Meetings More Effective
Learn ways to set up agendas so that decisions are achieved
Learn how to keep groups focused
Develop outcomes for your next meeting and processes to get agreement
Discover ways to prevent and intervene in conflict in meetings

Strategic Planning
Understand how strategic planning is useful to your organization
Review design components of strategic plans to see what is most relevant to your organization
Consider the Chevy or Mercedes models of planning and determine your current needs for your process

Program Logic
Discover your organization's programmatic activities short and long term outcomes
Develop a program logic outline for funding, tracking grants and assisting with making financial decisions
Learn how to tell if your outcomes are not consistant with your activities for grantwriting

Social Enterprises
Experience the mindshift to social enterprises for your organization's purpose
Hear examples of successful social enterprises 
Learn ways to set up successful partnerships
Brainstorm money generating strategies for your non profit

Board Development Training
Learn specific strategies to increase your board's effectiveness
Present/Discuss board of director responsibilities
Participate in an exercise designed to enhance your teamwork and productivity
Develop working agreements to ensure your board is more effective and efficient

Organizational Conflict Resolution
Understand what issues can cause trouble in organizations and how to handle them
Learn how to interest base bargain to reach solutions
Experience specific tools to intervene in conflict in your organization

How To Handle Conflict In Your Workplace
Using your organization's current conflicts, learn how to address them
Rate your organization's team functioning to know where else to intervene
Learn 3 active dimensions to identify areas of conflict

Sustainability Planning
Review all the components of organizational sustainability
Complete an organizational assessment that helps you identify areas needing attention 
Develop preliminary sustainability plan

"Beyond the incredible effort and experience of Maro Zagoras in our meetings and trainings, which are beyond anything I expected, Maro is an unbelievable asset to Pueblo and has been one of the most influential actors in my new career." David Pump, Pueblo Diversified Industries for people with disabilities