“We use Maro because she gets results!”  Shirley Ritter, City of Aspen

“Maro is incredibly conscientious about her work.  She is outcomes driven and knows how she will get there.  The beautiful thing is how she is able to move a group forward towards the outcomes without creating anxiety or frustration.  She is a master at her craft. “ Randy Evetts, David and Lucile Packard Foundation

Maro offers consulting for:

  • Non profits
  • Governmental agencies
  • Statewide Foundations
  • Cross sectoral collaboratives

Neutral Facilitation:

With 29+ years of experience in neutral facilitation and

organizational mediation,  Maro has hundreds of planning process

components, templates, and resources from which to select the best

process for your meeting's needs.  

Maro sits down with you to help you frame what your meeting

outcomes are and then design a process that is efficient, effective and (imagine this) motivational for

your stakeholders.

"I have been attending some community forums in my area around planning for recreation on a new reservoir. It was you who set my high standard for facilitation and that is even more apparent after experiencing a less successful facilitator."  Missy Taylor, Durango, Co.

Trainer in:

Program Logic Models
Making Your Meetings More Productive
Best Grant Collaboratives
Board Development
Change and Transition Management
Civic Engagement
PPACA Healthcare Reform and The Impact to Non Profits and Foundations
Communications Planning
Organizational Conflict Resolution
Non profit Development

"The content and presentation of Maro's workshops are superb. Maro gives practical strategies that

participants take with them and are able to use after the workshop.  Maro is an outstanding trainer

whose energy, humor, intelligence and "stories from the field" keep participants alert and learning

100% of the time.  It is evident that Maro is not just a great trainer but also experienced and highly

skilled at both conflict resolution and meeting facilitation."  Ellen Friedman, Executive Director,

Aspen Valley Community Foundation

Organizational Development Coach:
Coaching Executive Directors, Board of Directors, government staff and foundations to understand

where they are in their development and how to get to the next level of excellence.

“Maro easily builds rapport with any group.  She adapts her communication and style to the audience and can work at the highest level in the organization or with those who are new to an organization.  She thinks well on her feet and can shift direction at any time based on the needs of the group with whom she is working.” Randy Evetts, David and Lucile Packard Foundation

"Maro, you’ve really made an impact on the groups participating in the Leader’s Forum, and this is a terrific testament to the program and your work!" Irene Wong, David and Lucile Packard Foundation

"Whether with SMILES, Launch or Packard, I’ve observed that you are an excellent facilitator/coach, leader and you have a unique ability to connect with clients and help them gain the confidence they need to achieve their goals.  " Chris Wiant, Caring for Colorado Foundation


Facilitation/Mediation/Strategic Planning

Maro Zagoras