Maro Zagoras

Facilitation/Mediation/Strategic Planning

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26+ years experience in:
-Strategic Planning
-Organizational Development
-Transition Change Management
-Board Development
-Program Logic
-Sustainability Planning
-Civic Engagement
-Organizational Conflict Resolution

Maro Zagoras is a leader in facilitation and strategic planning in Colorado. Maro got her start in facilitation and organizational development more than 26 years ago when the field of public sector meeting facilitation was in its infancy. Through more than two decades of direct client service, Maro has developed an unmatched ability to understand issues, craft tailored processes, and help stakeholders arrive at workable solutions.

Maro knows from experience that each client's needs are unique and merit more than an “off the shelf” solution. While others rely on cookie cutter processes, her expertise allows for a tailored approach. You get a custom designed process, every time, based on your specific needs. That process is then led start-to-finish by a leader in the entire field of mediation services. No other company can match this depth of experience and proven leadership.

Contact: Maro at 970-215-4646 
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 Facilitation, mediation, and training services for your non profit, governmental agency, collaborative or statewide foundation.

Breakthrough processes for real world solutions.