Facilitation/Mediation/Strategic Planning

Maro Zagoras

Maro Zagoras/Desired Outcomes 

"Key to Maro's success is the prep work she does. Through planning and agenda development she helps frame the issues and develop outcomes for our time together which we are then successful  in reaching.  Work with Maro is always engaging and productive; she is able to keep participants on track and contributing and therefore committed to the outcome. She is able to work with groups of any size and with people from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. Maro is quite simply an exceptional facilitator who can help any group regardless of size or diversity of perspectives achieve their desired outcomes. Work with Maro is always time well spent; leaving us with goals accomplished and clear next steps for work on our own." Jeanne McQueeney, Eagle County Commissioner 

Contact Maro Zagoras at 970-215-4646

Email: maro@marozagoras.com

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